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Pantang Hospital workers threaten strike over encroachment concerns

Health workers at the Pantang Hospital have threatened to withdraw their services if their concerns over encroachment on the hospital’s property are not addressed.

The workers, who began a sit-down strike on Thursday say their lives are at risk following the activities of land guards.

In an interview with Citi News, the spokesperson for the joint union executives at the Pantang hospital, Elvis Akuamoah gave the government a one-week ultimatum to address their concerns.

“The hospital is not safe for health workers and patients anymore. It didn’t start today. We have been on this issue of land encroachment by private developers for about three years now.”

“If one week after this, we still don’t have anything concrete from our duty bearers, we will totally withdraw our services,” Mr. Akuamoah warned.

The workers have in the past engaged the Ghana Mental Authority, the Ministry of Health, the Lands Commission, the National Security, the Municipal Directorate, the Adenta Police Station, the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council for some form of intervention.

In July 2019, workers at the Pantang Hospital embarked on a sit-down strike in protest of the encroachment.

The workers had organised a demonstration to voice out their concerns.

Students of two training schools; the Pantang Nurses Training College and the Pantang Nursing and Midwifery Training College had also been complaining about the encroachment.

Workers complained that the hospital authorities had shown no commitment to dealing with the encroachment of private developers.

The workers resume normal operation after a few days following an assurance from the Ministry of Health to resolve the problem.

After probing the matter, the Minister of Health said the developer had agreed to cooperate with the government and adhere to whatever decision that would be taken to solve the issue.


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