Wizkid Celebrates the One Ghanaian Artist Who Played a Huge Role in Inspiring His Career

Nigerian artist Wizkid has done very well for himself. Out of nothing he has built a magnificent career spanning Nigeria, the continent and remarkably fame which spans the entire globe.However, before the singer became the ‘Starboy’ we all know today, he was inspired by one Ghanaian artist to jumpstart his career, which is remarkable if you think about it.

Wizkid himself admitted being inspired in his career by Tic, who was once one of the biggest artists in Ghana and achieved fame in Nigeria as well.

Tic, then known as Tic Tac, became a household name in Nigeria with his monster hit ‘Feefe Ne Fe’ alongside Tony Tetuila.

Wizkid revealed that the two served as huge inspirations for him in his career. Kudos to Tic.

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