I regret leaving my job to live with my wife – KKD

Ghanaian broadcaster and communicator Kwesi Kyei Darkwa (KKD) has revealed that he regrets quitting his job as a General Manager to live with his wife overseas.

King KKD, speaking to Anthony Dzamefe on A Father’s Day Out show, said he would not choose his wife and family over his job again.

“Looking back, one of the things I would have corrected was quitting my job to live with my wife and kids in the United Kingdom. I wouldn’t have divorced her. But we could have found a way to fix it.”

He disclosed that he was once a general manager at a prestigious company in Ghana. At the time, his wife was living in the United Kingdom with their two kids because she couldn’t find a job in Ghana.

The senior broadcaster added that his wife refused to return after staying overseas for a while, which meant KKD had to travel there to check on his family.

“I used to buy tickets and travel on weekends just to make love to my wife and check on the family. I was young, and I could afford it. So why not,” KKD said in the interview with a smile.

Eventually, he got tired of travelling to the United Kingdom weekly and convincing his wife to return home. So he left his high-paying job to join them in the UK to save his marriage.

“I got tired of the long-distance relationship. So I quit my job, which gave me a house, a company car, a chauffeur and a good salary to save my marriage. If the mountain does not come to Mohammed, he must go to the mountain,” KKD added.

Source: 3News

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