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Lack of knowledge on usage of contraceptives main cause of STIs and Teenage Pregnancies-DKT

Though there have been some increases in HIV infections and pregnancy cases in the country in recent times, it has been revealed that purchases of contraceptive on the other hand has been on the ascendancy.

The astronomical increase in cases has meanwhile been attributed to the lack of knowledge on the part of users of contraceptives.

This was made known at a stakeholder engagement organized by DKT international, to abreast stakeholders on how to ensure products purchased or prescribed are used efficiently by customers for maximum results.

In an interview with FiilaNews, the General Manager for DKT International Mr. Abdulai  Adamu noted that, the increased cases of HIV infections and teenage pregnancies, can only be attributed to the wrong usage of contraceptives either purchased or prescribed by health professionals.

He further added that the pool of stakeholders drawn from the health sector, will focus more on understanding what PharmaVigilence is, and help position them to find interest in the effects users of medical products have, after administering their drug.

Mr. Adamu added that for wanting to be successful, the stakeholders are seen as the focal point between their products and its users hence the need to equip them with the requisite knowledge to drive results.


DKT International is a registered, non-profit organization founded in 1989 to focus the power of social marketing on some of the largest countries with the greatest needs for family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and safe abortion. By doing so, DKT has achieved tremendous health impact, and done it cost-efficiently. Although we work mostly in the private sector, we also support the public sector, often partnering with government health facilities to reach the total market.

DKT is one of the largest private providers of family planning products in the world, having generated over 54 million couple years of protection (CYPs) in 2021. Five of the ten largest contraceptive social marketing programs in the world are DKT programs. As of 2021, DKT has offices in 28 countries, with a sales presence in 90 countries.


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