Gold Coast customers besiege parliament ahead of budget review

Customers of struggling fund management firm Gold Coast Security  have besieged parliament as Finance Ministers prepares parliament to present the Mid-year review budget to the House.

The group is calling for the arrest of the chairman of the Gold Coast security Dr. Papa Kwasi Nduom.

They are accusing the business of  defrauding them of their investments following his inability to pay them their matured dividend and or invested capital.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nduom has ordered Gold Coast Holding to sue the government to recover investment funds valued more than three billion Ghana Cedis from agencies, contractors and other financial institutions.  

He has also directed the company to make available to the media and in all their offices, the list of everyone who owes Gold Coast and GN Savings and was not making any effort to pay funds back as customers agitate for their funds.

For a few months now, customers of Gold Coast Fund Management and sister company, GN Savings, have launched attacks on the offices, employees and properties of the companies.  They have held press conferences, gone on demonstrations and flooded social media with their demands for payment.

As a result of the situation, Groupe Nduom has lost more than 1,500 employees throughout the country through downsizing, resignations and abandonment of posts.



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