“If You Put Yourself In A Respectable Position, People Will Respect You” – Asiedu Nketia Tells Jean Mensa

The General Secretary of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has told the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission directly in the face that if she acts respectably, she will earn the respect of others.

During an altercation between Mr Nketia and Mrs Jean Mensa at an Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting last week, the former told the head of the election management body that she could only earn his respect if she behaved respectfully.

This was after Mrs Mensa had taken offence at a “laughter” by Mr Nketia while she answered a question posed by the latter during the meeting.

“Mr Asiedu Nketia, we gave you that respect when you were speaking, so, please allow us … You are making the asides and obstructing the discussion … You were laughing … It’s like you’re ridiculing us”, Mrs Mensa protested.

Mr Nketia punctuated the EC Chair’s reservations saying: “I haven’t said anything madam … So laughter interrupts your presentation? … Please madam, I have kept quiet, I’m not part of what is happening, if you have a personal problem against me, you may bring it up”.

“Laughter and disruption, which is which?” he inquired. “So, if I’m smiling it means I cannot smile … So, I cannot laugh?” to which Mrs Mensa replied: “Both”.

Mr Asiedu then said: “Respect is earned”, explaining: “If you put yourself in a respectable position, people will respect you”.

“Same with you as well”, Mrs Mensa is heard interrupting.

“Look, the question I asked, I don’t think it solicited all the information you are bringing up”, Mr Nketia said.

“It does she said”, she responded.

“I’m asking you a simple question and you go on delivering a thesis”, Mr Nketia rebutted.


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