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Bono Region: Traditional Council bans political parties from campaigning in Berekum

The Berekum Traditional Council in the Bono Region has placed a ban on all forms of political campaigns in Berekum and its environs.

According to the council, its decision stems from the deliberate disregard of traditional authority by politicians.

A spokesperson for the traditional council, Kwame Darko who spoke to Citi News on the ban on political activities in the community said: “Berekum Traditional Council has suspended all political parties rallies.

They can campaign anywhere and in the media, but they can’t come to Berekum. The Regional Minister doesn’t respect the chiefs and elders because we took Nanahene and Nanahemaa to Sunyani High court because they have demolished the toilet facility at the station.

Because the MP, Regional Minister, and the Presiding Member are not prepared to solve the problem that is why we have decided to ban and not allow any political party to campaign in Berekum stool land”, he said.

There have been series of disagreements between the traditional council and the assembly over the construction of a public toilet at the Berekum Lorry station.

The construction of the project is said to have begun after the Brekuman Youth Association decided to pull down the old structure to put up a new one for residents.

Reports suggest that, members of the New Patriotic Party and the assembly were unhappy with the plan and ordered the group to put a halt to the construction.

Subsequently, the Assembly filed a suit against the Berekum Traditional Council over the development.


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