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TTH goes Laparoscopic

An unprecedented surgical technique, laparoscopic cholecystectomy was recently performed on a diabetic patient who was diagnosed of gall stones at the Tamale Teaching hospital November 19, 2019.

According to Dr. Edwin M. T. Yenli, Urologist at the hospital who performed the surgery, the never before seen minimally invasive technique was born out of his genuine commitment to the discharge of his duties towards the promotion of quality health care in the region. He has urged management of the Tamale Teaching hospital (TTH) to support it.

“You have to invest in capital equipment and you have to train your staff. We are still in a learning stage, we are not excellent yet. We are hoping that we will grow but I cannot sustain it personally though it is my passion. We need the hospital to support it so that we can migrate and everybody can benefit” he said.

Dr Yenli noted that owing to the improved patient outcomes in the use of the minimally invasive surgery (MIS) in the last two decades, it has been adopted by various surgical sub-specialties, to surgically treat patients who have surgical problems but the lack of laparoscopic surgical instruments has left the hospital behind for a very long time.

He added that “if you actually look at it in the real sense even though it looks expensive it is cheaper in the long run. The option of using minimal invasive technique comes with numerous advantages; the pain experience after surgery is lesser, pain medication requirement is less , issues about infection is less, recovery is fast so if the person is a bread winner he gets back to work quickly and continue to work to feed your family”.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with freelance Journalist Bernard Jabituk in Tamale, Dr Yenli who is also a senior lecturer at the University For Development Studies (UDS), hopes that getting more minimal invasive technique equipment, sustaining, maintaining and replacing them becomes one of the hospital’s top priority.

Source: Bernard B. Jabituk, Freelance Journalist / Fiilafmonline

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