You will soon get a discount for exposing tax evaders

Board Chairman of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Prof Stephen Adei has revealed plans to reward whistle-blowers.

According to him, the GRA plans to revive an old practice where persons who expose tax defaulters are given a portion of the money when it is retrieved.

“When you evade tax, there’s a penalty; so when you pay, part of the penalty would be given to the person that brings out the case,” Prof Adei told JoyNews’ UpFront programme on Thursday.

He said an official statement from the GRA would be released soon to communicate the decision. On how much the GRA is owed, he stated GH¢5billion, according to the Board Chair.

This, he explained consists of simply evading tax plus the penalty for the evasion. Prof Adei who was recently appointed to his position says part of their strategy would be to appeal to people to pay the monies they owe.

He said legal action would also be used to retrieve taxes from recalcitrant citizens.

At the ports “where lots of leakages occur,” Prof Adei said the installing of CCTV cameras to supplement human checks was on the table.





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