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Stop the war, make Chereponi “island of peace” – Ya Na to Anufos, Konkombas

The Overlord of Dagbon, Ya Na Abukari II, has asked the chiefs, district chief executives and opinion leaders of the warring Anufos (Chakosis) and Konkombas in the North East Region, to let their subjects cease fighting following bloody clashes which has left three dead, scores injured, over 40 houses torched and almost 2,000 displaced since last week Friday.

A statement released on Thursday, 21 March 2019 by the Gbewaa Palace signed by Mr Abdul Rahaman Mohammed, Secretary to the Ya Na, said the Overlord “had a closed-door meeting with Saboba Na, Uchabobor Bowan John Masteer Sakojin IV, a paramount chief of Konkomba and Chereponi fame; Pastor Ndakar Jaminja, a paramount chief of the Anufo, who are both members of the Dagbon Traditional Council, together with the District Chief Executives of Saboba and Chereponi”.

The statement said the Ya Na “told the chiefs and the DCEs about the need to prevail on the two ethnic groups to exercise restraint in the unfolding ethnic conflict between the Anufo (Chakosi) and Kokomba”.

“He told them that eastern Dagbon has been known by the rest of the country as an inter-tribal conflict area. With his rise to the Dagbon throne, he wants the area to be an island of peace. He told the chiefs and the DCEs that their localities are among the least developed areas in the country and they should allow peace to prevail to enable the government to bring to the areas, development.

“Without peace”, the Ya Na “told them there can be no development”, and “reminded the chiefs and the two DCEs that education is key to development”, but “with this uncalled-for disturbance in the area, all schools are temporarily closed down”.

Ya Na Abubakari II, according to the statement, “also called on the leadership of the Konkomba and Anufo in the country and elsewhere to assist the chiefs in the conflict area to nip the violence, which is about to start, in the bud” and “called on the president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo and his government to take a close watch at the security situation in the area”.

A joint military and police team of more than 100 personnel was deployed to the area to ensure peace after the violence broke.


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