Singles and Couples Seminar Underway in Tamale

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Unity Congregation, has put together a four (4) day marriage seminar in Tamale.

The seminar which begun Thursday 11 July, 2019 will see Prof Stephen Adei and Wife, Mrs. Georgina Adei speaking to participants on various issues of interest.

Some of the topics to be tackled will include:

what makes a successful husband and wife,

Communication and Conflict,

School of love and gratitude,

Developing a healthy dating relationship,

How to choose a carrier, develop and sustain it among several others.

In an interview with a member of the publicity committee for the “Singles and Couples Seminar 2019”, Mr. Ebenezer Adamtey indicated that the presbytery as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), has conveyed Prof.  & Mrs. Stephen Adei to touch the lives of many at no cost at all.

On why the Presbytery made a choice of Prof. Adei, he indicated that he is filled with the Holy Spirit and is believed to be able to touch and repair ailing marriages on several occasions.

He further indicated it is a non-denominational seminar which seeks to impart on the lives of many, hence the general public are advised to patronize with an open heart with the hope of going back more improved.

In an interview with fiila news, Prof. Adei noted that the seminar will aim more at enriching marriages and giving ideas on how to prevent break-ups, help young people to start right, stay in marriage and enjoy it for eternity.

The couple who are celebrating their 44th anniversary in marriage, will be in Tamale from now till Sunday 14th July 2019, when they will leave for the nation’s capital.

Prof Stephen Adei is a renowned international speaker, a writer and a seasoned marriage counsellor. He is the former rector of GIMPA and an astute academician.


Source: Fiilafmonline/Shawana Yussif



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