Sex for grades: You’ll lose in court against BBC- Prof Gyampo told

Private legal practitioner, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw is predicting a defeat for senior lecturer at the University of Ghana (UG), Prof. Ransford Gyampo if he dares initiate a legal action against BBC over its “Sex for grades” documentary which mentions him [Gyampo] as one of the lecturers who offered grades to students in exchange for sex.

“Gyampo should not go to court. What was he doing in the documentary?…was he teaching or lecturing his victim who posed  as a student?”, the lawyer quizzed in an interview with in Kumasi.

The political scientist, Professor Gyampo, who is also the Head of European Studies at the university was allegedly implicated in the “sex for grades” investigations carried out by BBC Africa Eye, despite strong denials.

“I didn’t see anything like that [in the video] and I have not done anything like that,” the UG Lecturer vehemently denied threatened to sue BBC.

Speaking to the denial however, Lawyer Maurice insisted allegations of sexual harassment against the Lecturer still holds therefore it would be difficult for Professor Gyampo to exonerate himself before any law court.

“Though it is not clear that Professor Gyampo had sex with the lady but if he  himself is asked to explain the content of the documentary before any judge, it will mean that his actions and inactions will suggest doing it”, the controversial lawyer said.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of the anti-sexual harassment committee of the University of Ghana (UG), Dr. Margaret Amoakohene has refuted allegations made against some lecturers of the institution cited in the BBC Africa Eye documentary, saying that there is no evidence that shows that they slept with the students to give them better grades

Speaking to matter, Dr. Amoakohene stated that although she sides with the fact that it is a misconduct among those lecturers and thereby calls for further investigations, she disagrees with the “sex for grades” tag.

“If you look at the transcript that they added, there is no evidence of sex for grade. I agree that the lecturers misbehaved and so you will discuss these as unacceptable behaviours that should be investigated but there was no indication of sex for grades. In one case, it was about the national service placement. Who needs grades at national service? She completed and she was looking for placement,” she said.


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