Security in Savannah Region has greatly improved – Minister


The Savannah Regional Minister has revealed that security in his region has tremendously improved.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, Muhazu Saeed Jibril said that the increase in police patrols throughout the region has contributed to reducing the rate of all forms of robbery and other criminal activities in the region.

“We are putting so much resources and expertise to ensure that Savannah is calm and peaceful because, that’s the only way we can create an enabling environment which would be appealing enough and can attract investors,” he said.

Mr Jibril added that “no investor would be attracted to a situation of conflict, violence and insecurity. By extension no development takes place in a situation of insecurity.”

The Regional Minister noted that although the Lukula Chieftaincy and land issue has on occasion threatened their security, the Savannah and North East Regional Security Council have set out to look for a solution.

He added that a technical committee has laid out a draft which will see REGSEC address the issue especially in areas where conflicts have been recorded.

Meanwhile, Mr Jibril stated that the “government is constructing the Regional Police Headquarters in Damongo to enhance the presence and visibility of police in the region.”

“As Chairman of REGSEC, I wish to express my gratitude and to commend REGSEC members and security agencies in the region for their unmatched role in making the region a peaceful one as far as chieftaincy related issues are concerned.”


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