Rawlings has betrayed, abandoned us – Western Togoland Crusaders cry out

Homeland Study Group, a group in Ho in the Volta region who agitating for the restoration of the Western Togoland as an independent state from Ghana have accused Former President Jerry John Rawlings of abandoning them in their fight for independence.

The police rounded them up last week while they were attempting to declare the Western Togoland as an independent state from Ghana on, May 9, 2019.

Eight persons were first arrested, led by their chairman, Mr Charles Kormi Kudzodzi , an octogenarian by a combined team of armed police and military personnel and transported to Accra. Subsequently, about 81 more were arrested.

It has emerged that, members of the group were looking up for support from former President J.J. Rawlings in their fight for independence.

However, the group feels embittered about the silence of the former president.

George Nyakpo, Ho Branch Secretary of the group stated that ex -President Rawlings’ silence on the happenings is a great cause for concern to them.

“You don’t wait for people to come and complain to you as an elderly person in the house before you call them. When your children are crying you don’t always sit and wait for them to come and complain to you, you can also stretch your hand, meet them and sit them down to hear the problem and iron out the issue. He (Rawlings) being quiet all this while raises serious concerns.

“He is aware of our issue, I watched a video on YouTube that he talked about Western Togoland, the only thing he said was about Trans-Volta Togoland. I don’t know whether he’s scared he would be attacked if he speaks about our issue as a statesman. Ex-President Rawlings has been very vocal on other issues in this country, why is he silent on our case. He has not been a good father to us.”


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