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Pricing God’s blessings is zeal without knowledge – Duncan-Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams seen as the father of the Charismatic movement in Ghana has cautioned pastors and church leaders against monetising the gospel.

In an interview with Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, he explained that the practice in the church where pastors always solicit for a specific amount of money from their members in exchange for God’s blessings is “zeal without knowledge.”

The Founder of Action Chapel International explained although the Bible has examples for people who gave specific offerings and got blessed, it is not right for church leaders to always tie blessings to specific donations.

“There will always be people presenting truth or doctrine without much wisdom,” he told host Daniel Dadzie.

Nicholas Duncan-Williams

He encouraged church leaders to open up to their members whenever the church faces a financial need. They can then ask the members to support by donating to the cause, the Christian leader said.

“But to say that give a thousand and God will be blessing you,” he said is not the best way to present the gospel.

Duncan-Williams explained there of principles to financial prosperity in the kingdom of God.

“People think that if I fast and pray I will get money, No”, he said and explained fasting and prayer brings power.

“You will not be blessed financially if you are not a giver,” he said. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams said church leaders should discourage the practice of equating huge offerings to huge blessings.

“God will bless you even if you give one cedi,” he said and explained, “it is not the amount, it is what you can afford and where your faith is.”

Nicholas Duncan-Williams said there will always be some level of immaturity and a lack of wisdom in the church and asked for some allowance for Christian leaders to grow and change their ways as they mature.

The archbishop said he has had to make changes in his own way of life and style as he grows in Christ.


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