Over 1400 double-track students pregnant – Minority

The Minority in Parliament has alleged that the double-track system being implemented by the Education Ministry has caused a lot of teenage pregnancies among female students nationwide.

According to the Minority, over 1400 female students have been impregnated since the double-track system was implemented in September 2018.

The NDC MPs are demanding measures to immediately phase out the double-track system which is not inuring to the benefit of the students.

Addressing the media in Parliament on Thursday, minority spokesperson on education Peter Nortsu also questioned the quality of food being fed beneficiaries and unavailability of textbooks for students.

“There are teenage pregnancies being recorded in some senior high schools, within a space of one year alone, that is the last academic year alone 2018/2019, over 1433 girls at senior high schools across the country were impregnated and dropped out of schools.

“The long and frequent semester breaks are the major causes of teenage pregnancies, students spend eight weeks at school and the same length of time at home. The double-track system…is not helping in the delivery of quality education in our senior high schools, students are made to go on long vacations after spending a few days in school, and sometimes the reopening date for one track is postponed to the disadvantage of parents.”


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