OLAM Opens New Warehouse, Office Complex For Biggest Distributor

OLAM Ghana has opened a new warehouse and office complex at Lamashegu in the Tamale Metropolis in the Northern Region of Ghana for its biggest distributor, Holy Progress.

The opening of the single storey-building is part of many strategies being outlined by OLAM Ghana to expand its distribution networks across the country especially where its customers can be found.

Country Director of OLAM Ghana, Amit Agrawal who opened the new building on Monday, September 23, 2019 commended customers for their continued patronage of products and services from the company.

He assured them of better and quality service and products delivery in the coming years, stressing that OLAM as a company values the people of Ghana and will do everything to strengthen the relation that exists between them and the company.

Chief Executive of Holy Progress, Esther Serebour, also expressed her gratitude to OLAM Ghana for their unflinching support over the years which she noted has helped in growing her business as a baker and a flour distributor.

The Chief of Lamashegu, Naa Ziblim Abdulai who joined the Country Director of OLAM Ghana to open the building, urged customers of the two companies to endeavor to pay for goods and services rendered to them.

He said OLAM and Holy Progress have good intentions for them as bakers and so therefore should not try to play smart with them when they give them flour and other baking products to do their business.

“Pay back so that others too can get the opportunity to be served. If you decide to be dishonest in your dealings with them, you spoil your chances and that of others”, Naa Ziblim advised.

OLAM Ghana is one of the biggest producers of bread flour known as Royal Gold and other products such as Royal Aroma Rice, Royal Milky Magic Biscuits and Royal Perk Biscuits which are well patronized by Ghanaians.

Source: SavannahNewsOnline.Com

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