Nigerian community in Ghana cautions against stereotyping nationals

The Nigerian community in Ghana has pledged its support to the security agencies to help arrest citizens of the country engaged in crimes in Ghana.

According to them, the majority of Nigerians in Ghana are law abiding but just a few of them are tarnishing the image of Nigeria.

Addressing the press over the weekend, the group said it has forwarded an official correspondence to the Inspector General of Police offering its collaboration in curbing the trend.

Moses Owharo, the President of the All Nigerian Communities in Ghana, also cautioned against stereotyping all Nigerians in Ghana.

“Nigerians are law-abiding people but in a big society, Ghanaian people say there is no house where there is no Mensa. You cannot say because there is a Mensa in the house, then all the other names are Mensa,” he said.

“There are a few ones who are destroying our image. We need to get hold of those people. If we can reform them we will reform them. If we cannot reform them, we put them where they should be; that is in the prisons.

The involvement of Nigerians in some high profile kidnapping cases has heightened apprehension towards nationals from the fellow West African state.

This is despite the lack of compelling evidence to back these fears.

These fears have led to calls for foreigners in Ghana to be profiled.

The most notorious case involves one Sam Udoetuk Wills, who is suspected to be behind the disappearance of three girls in Sekondi Takoradi.

Police are also on the hunt for three Nigerians who allegedly kidnapped the 61-year-old Lebanese Consular General and Head of Mission of Estonia to Ghana.

The apprehension of Nigerians has led to tensions in some communities.

In a Kasoa suburb called Chinese, some residents threatened to take the law into their own hands by chasing out all Nigerian nationals from the community after the killing of a two-year-old boy by men suspected to be Nigerian.

Also in relation to the alleged crimes, Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa, urged President Nana Akufo-Addo to reach out to Nigeria’s president on the matter.



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