Nanumba South communities petition police over child trafficking

To mark this year’s World Child Trafficking Day, Communities in the Nanumba South District in the Northern Region have presented a petition to the district police command to help fight the menace.

Trafficking is becoming a common phenomenon in communities, where children are being lured into unwholesome jobs with a promise of high payment.

Due to the emergence of technology, like social media, many innocent children are being lured into trafficking.

To mark this year’s day of Child Trafficking in the Nanumba South District, ActionAid Ghana mobilized Communities where the incident seems prevalent to petition authorities in the district to help minimise the incidence.

Presenting the petition to the district police commander in Wulensi, the leader of the anti-slavery and human Trafficking Committee in the Nanumba South District, Abdulai Razak Saani underscored the effects of technology on modern day slavery and human trafficking by calling on the authorities to give the needed attention to the activities of human trafficking and help combat it.

“With the global expansion in the use of technology intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic and the shift of our everyday life to online platforms, the crime of human trafficking has conquered cyberspace. The internet and digital platforms offer traffickers numerous tools to recruit, exploit and control victims”.

He said traffickers use social media to identify and recruit their victims by email and other online services.

He, therefore, called on the authorities to deal with the menace.

The project manager for ActionAid Ghana, Madam Beatrice Biije, said Trafficking is a crime and a violation of their human rights.

She, therefore, urged the authorities to help educate community members on the effects of child trafficking.

She highlighted some of the brands of modern-day slavery.

“Globally and even within the country and especially in the Nanumba South District, human trafficking is something that is gaining ground lately. Some individuals and organisations are taking advantage of the unemployment situation to recruit our young ones, promising them of lucrative jobs only to expose them to harmful practices. Do not feed them properly and do not pay them. Our young ladies are mostly recruited with the promise of jobs outside the country, only for them to go and engage in prostitution and acts that are demeaning”.

She also called on parents to be cautious of the situation and desist from falling victims to such menace.

The station officer at the Wulensi police station, Inspector Amaning Antwi who received the petition for the district commander assured the people of the police’s readiness to help curb the situation.

Some community members shared with Citi News some methods used in getting them to give out their children.

“They sometimes come to promise the young ones of very lucrative jobs and promise to take care of their transport fares and accommodation. When they go, they ask them to also get others to come by saying their pay will increase”.


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