NADMO begins distribution of relief items to flood victims in Central Gonja

The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has presented relief items for onward distribution to flood victims in the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region.

Some 297 households in five communities have been affected by floods following a spillage by the Bui Power Authority.

The flood has displaced over 1,200 people and three schools have been forced to shut down.

The Savannah Regional director of NADMO on Monday distributed mattresses, rice, blankets, and buckets, among others, to the Central Gonja District Assembly to be distributed to the victims.

“This is a flooding issue, so we look at the most vulnerable among the affected persons. Even though it will not be enough for all, I have asked the District NADMO Director and the DCE to attend to the most affected first while we call for more support”, says Mohammed Tohir, the Savannah regional director of NADMO.


Hundreds have been displaced after flooding in the Buipe township. Water from the Black Volta river divided the Buipe township into two.

Some residents had to move across town with canoes because of the flooding.

Schools, workplaces cattle ranches, among other places, were not left out of the devastation.

The disruption has been worsening as the volume of water entering the community rises by the day.

Public and private properties including electricity poles and cables and school buildings had been submerged by the flood.


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