MP faults PDS over bloody Odumase violence that killed boy

The Member of Parliament for Lower Manya constituency of the Eastern Region, has faulted the Power Distribution Company (PDS) for the latest clash between Krobo-Odumase youth and officials of the power company.

Ebenezer Terlabi said PDS ignored his plea not to disconnect power supply to the people until after resolution of the claim of overbilling, which had been the underlying issue of the misunderstanding.

According to him, officials of the power company also refused his suggestion that they should not involve the police in carrying out the disconnection exercise.

The reason, according to the MP, is that the people had already had a bad experience with the police, who brutalised them when they clashed during a demonstration a couple of weeks back over the same issues.

Wednesday’s clash left a 14-year-old boy dead and two others in critical condition. At least some 35 persons are said to have been arrested by the police.

The violent clash ensued when the residents allegedly blocked the main road in the town to prevent PDS officers who were being escorted by police personnel, to switch off the main transformer that supplies power to the town.

The disconnection exercise had been occasioned by unpaid electricity bills that had accrued from 2014.

The residents had claimed that they were overbilled by the PDS and wanted the company to do a reconciliation of the figures.

But speaking on JoyNews TV, the people’s representative in the legislature, Mr. Terlabi said the latest development could have been avoided.

“We had arranged a meeting between us and PDS tomorrow. So yesterday and today PDS was not supposed to go to Lower Manya to do any disconnection or collection of bills,” he told News Anchor Bernice Abu Baidoo-Lansa, Thursday.

He said following the first clash with the police which left some of the protesting youth with injuries, one would have expected the PDS would carry out their exercise in the Odumase area in accordance with agreed terms, to maintain a peaceful atmosphere there.

“And these people are still nursing those wounds so if PDS decides to come in to disconnect and then you come with the police again [then] it raises a lot of concern,” the concerned lawmaker added.


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