Machete gang attacks Kenyans in turf war

At least eight people have been seriously injured after machete-wielding men attacked a coastal area of Kenya overnight, in what is believed to be a turf war between rival gangs.

Witnesses in Bamburi district say the group, made up of at least 30 young men armed with machetes, knives and other crude weapons, began slashing at anyone in sight.

Many of their victims bore deep machete cuts on their heads, stomachs, hands, necks, legs and backs.

The injured were rushed to a local clinic before being transferred to Coast General Hospital in the city of Mombasa for further treatment.

Police responded to the attack and gunshots could be heard.

Local police commander Julius Kiragu, said officers were on the ground and had managed to control the situation.

Those behind the attack are suspected to be from the Wakali Kwanza group, one of two notorious gangs operating in Kenya’s coastal region known for drug trafficking, muggings and violent robberies.

Security analysts say it was a show of dominance in a turf war with rival gang Wakali Wao.

The government had issued an ultimatum three years ago to the gang members to surrender.

Former regional police boss Nelson Marwa, has said that the gangs are being financed by wealthy and influential individuals.

Source: BBC

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