Jordan does not get the needed recognition – Andre Ayew

Black Stars skipper, Andre Ayew, believes his junior brother, Jordan Ayew, has not received the needed recognition he deserves from his contribution to the game.

The 27-year-old Crystal Palace attacker became one of the most vilified players in the national team as well as his club last season when some fans of the club described him as the worst buy of the club.

This season, however, the Ghana attacker is picking up form gradually having contributed two goals already in the season with an assist.

Andre believes that his brother is an unsung hero who is not duly recognised for the hard work he puts in his work but was hopeful people would begin to notice his effort.

“He (his brother Jordan) is someone who works hard and he’s never got the recognition he deserves and I think now, bit by bit, people are starting to recognise his work”, he told BBC in an interview.

The 29-year-old Swansea City midfielder described his junior brother as a very good footballer who was potent in front of goal and believes he has made his mark since joining the premiership and hope to join Jordan in the premiership soon.

“He’s a player who plays very good football, who works hard, who can score goals. I think he’s done really well since he’s been in England and I hope he keeps on going like that because he has the quality to do much better and hopefully very soon we’ll meet again in the Premier League”, he said.


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