John Mahama is right, NDC is more violent

Former President John Mahama got it right this time. His claim that NDC cannot be equaled in violence was proven in Kumasi during a party meeting three days ago.

For all the negative press the NPP’s Delta and Invincible forces have courted, they do not include murder.

At the time of going to press, the family of Abdul Wasiu Idrissu, the National Democratic Congress member who was shot and killed allegedly by the NDC Hawks had buried him.

I underestimated the former president on violence when he invoked the bloody past of the NDC to launch his now infamous ‘boot- for-boot’ campaign in his 2nd coming for the presidency.

I was wrong. I see blood all over the 2020 elections. John Mahama’s hawks are ‘armed to the bone’. Needless to say the National Security infested NPP thugs are armed with more than facemasks.

Assuming the Electoral Commission and the police will be fair, we can count on them to protect Ghana against bloody elections. But they will not. And neither can anyone count on the courts to dispense justice in the event of an electoral dispute.

2020 may just be a Jerry Rawlings 1979 and 81 bloodbaths on replay, only that it will be led by John Mahama and met squarely by the mask-wearing NPP goons.   It is ballot papers that will be splash with blood.


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