‘I take full responsibility for missing vehicle’ – Savannah Regional Minister

The Savannah Regional Minister, Salifu Adam Braimah has admitted that he cannot be absolved from blame over the missing vehicle belonging to the Regional Coordinating Council.

The stolen Toyota Hilux Pickup with registration number, WR 3516-19 is one of the vehicles presented to the newly created Savannah Regional Coordinating Council by President Nana Akufo-Addo recently to assist with the administrative activities of the new region.

But its disappearance has become a matter of national concern.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Wednesday, the Minister noted that he entrusted the vehicle in the care of his driver and his closed friend while travelling to Accra.

Explaining his failure to exercise due diligence in the care of duty, Mr. Braimah noted that, he has no qualms if he is held accountable for the ‘careless’ behaviour.

“The driver dropped me off and I told him to keep it with a friend until I come back from Accra. I told my driver to keep it with a friend because this is not the first time I have done this. Just that, this happened to a state vehicle.”

He said his friend has also been arrested because “he is an accomplice of what has happened. I know this is not right, that is why I have taken full responsibility for what has happened. That is why I am doing everything possible to get the car back.”

He was optimistic that, investigations being carried out by the police will be fruitful and bring the matter to rest.

“He has been arrested and he is giving an account of what he has done with the car and so the police are dealing with him. The police say the vehicle is still in Tamale.”

Already, two persons have been arrested by the police in Tamale in connection with the matter.

The suspects are Alhaji Suleimana Illiasu, in whose custody the vehicle was placed and Evans Kwadjo Opoku, the driver who was made to deliver the vehicle to Illiasu.

Members of both the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Region have been trading accusations over the disappearance of the vehicle.

The NDC in the region gave the Regional Minister five days to produce the stolen vehicle or face their wrath.

It further accused the Minister of conniving with one Alhaji Illiasu, a businessman with whom the Toyota Hilux was handed over to before it was stolen.

The NPP also called on the police to invite the NDC to assist in the investigation to retrieve the vehicle.

According to the NPP, the NDC had continuously given varied accounts of the disappearance of the vehicle hence may be complicit.

They believe the NDC has knowledge of the location of the vehicle.


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