I am not married— Kalybos

Nearly two weeks ago, pictures of actor Kalybos’ traditional marriage caused a stir on social media with people falling over themselves to know who the lucky lady was.

Initially, there were reports that it was his Boys Kasa co-star, Priscilla Opoku Agyemang, popularly known as Ahoufe Patri, but it turned out to be a lady known only as Patricia.

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While many believed he was really married and even sent him congratulatory messages, Kalybos has revealed to Graphic Showbiz that he is not married.

Speaking on Tuesday, October 1, the John and John actor said, “I am not married.

The pictures circulating on social media about my traditional marriage are from a movie I shot recently which will be premiered this month.

“It was a portion of the movie where I got married and we had to take a picture, frame it and hang it up in our home like you will find in people’s homes and those are the pictures that have been circulating,” he explained.

In reports about the marriage, it was said to be a secret one and Kalybos, real name Richard Kwaku Asante, said he received several calls from his parents and his friends who expressed their disappointment that he had hidden his wedding from them.

“I got several calls from friends and even from my parents asking if I had gotten married without informing them.

The pictures were not supposed to be made public and the whole crew is still looking for which of the cast members sent those pictures out,” he disclosed.

Asked if his girlfriend was affected by what happened, Kalybos said she was aware of the movie he was shooting although she received calls from her friends sympathising with her.


“My girlfriend called me a few hours after the pictures leaked to tell me that she had received more than 30 calls about me getting married to another lady. Some of her friends actually called her crying about what had happened,” he said.

Would he have a secret wedding? This is what Kalybos had to say, “I am a public figure so there is no way I will keep my wedding a secret.

My wedding is going to be the usual family kind of wedding not any big show.

“Ahuofe Patri is definitely going to my ‘Best Woman’ and she is already aware of it and has agreed to it, ” he said.

Kalybos, who became popular through Boys Kasa, has featured in movies such as Kalybos in China, Amakye and Dede, John and John, Away Bus, Adabraka, Kuborlor, Mama Hw3, Asylum Dum and Baby Mama.

Source: Showbiz News

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