Gospel musician Selassie Brown ‘clashes’ with Sally Mann over Cecilia Marfo

Ghanaian gospel musician Selassie Brown and entertainment pundit Sally Mann were locked in a duel on Adom TV’s Showtym with Andy Dosty over the weekend.

On the show, there was a debate about a recent comment by Evangelist Diana Asamoah that suggested Cecilia Marfo’s church may have collapsed because it wasn’t founded on God’s will.

Sharing her opinion on the matter, Sally Mann intimated that priesthood had ended and that John the Baptist was the last prophet of God. According to her, Cecilia Marfo’s church collapsed because it wasn’t from God.

“I put it to anyone that calls him or herself a pastor that if they read their Bibles well they will know that priesthood has ended. The moment Christ declared it is finished on the cross that was the time priesthood ended. Take the book of Hebrews seriously. That will help you people to broaden your horizons and you will come to understand a whole lot of things.

You will even understand that Christians should not even pay tithes. All these things are in the past. Now it is just Christ that can give us eternal life. So if Cicilia Marfo’s church have collapsed, I first of all believe that it wasn’t from God. And if it is not from God, Andy, automatically it will collapse. I am not surprised and I will not be surprise to see other churches also collapse,” she noted, supported her stance with Luke 16:16.

Selassie Brown who was a guest on the show, shot down Sally’s argument, indicating that priesthood and prophets still exist.

“I think that we all have our faith. However, I beg to differ. Priesthood has not ended. And there’s no way it will end. The Bible says that in the last days God will pure his spirit on people and some will become prophets, teachers, evangelists and so on. So God is still raising remnants,” she said.

The gospel singer also added that “even God at a point told Elijah that there are still people he has kept and have not dirty their hands. So there’s no way priesthood will end on planet earth. However we all have our faiths so I will not condemn what Sally is saying. But I am of the view that God is still raising people to lead us.”

Selassie Brown is a gospel minister who’s recent released song ‘Miracle Working God’.


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