Ghana cannot be a Rwanda with ‘loud pastors’ and ill-disciplined citizens – Ken Agyapong

Member of Parliament for Assin Central the honorable Kennedy Agyapong has said Ghana cannot be like Rwanda when we are propping up “loud pastors” and our citizens are not disciplined.

The philanthropic lawmaker said Ghanaians are “naturally born bad” and lack discipline to follow established law and order. The NPP MP warned that if that is how Rwandans lived, their country will not develop, he said on Net2TV.

“How many hiiirababa churches are in Rwanda? Go to Rwanda and see how they are disciplined. They don’t have noise making pastors. We need to sensitize our people. When you drink pure water and drop it on the bare floor, do you expect the president to come and clean the place for you? We have to conscientize ourselves. ”

“I get angry when people send me pictures and videos and say look at Rwanda? There is discipline there.

Ghana cannot happen in Rwanda because Rwandans are disciplined. The indiscipline in Ghana is too much! When any government wants to take action, they say they wont’ vote for you. We blacks, most of us, most don’t like to be law abiding”.

Kennedy Agyapong said Ghanaians are misbehaving because if we want change in the system, someone must abandon their status and go low.

“When a case comes, we have to punish people. When people are arrested they call me, ooh Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, I have been arrested. Am I the law? Am I above the law?” he questioned.


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