GFA Exco member defends Black Stars priority amid unpaid Black Queens bonuses

In a controversial statement, Ghana Football Association Executive Council member Gifty Oware-Mensah has defended the preferential treatment given to the senior men's national team, the Black Stars, over the senior women's national team, the Black Queens.

Despite the Black Queens being owed outstanding bonuses for their qualification games for major tournaments, Oware-Mensah downplayed the issue, suggesting that the Black Stars are the more important team.

“The Ghana Football Association sells brands and products, and our foremost product is the Black Stars, which has global recognition,” Oware-Mensah, who is also the Black Queens management committee head, said.

“The male team receives more attention and support from the country, and it’s only natural that they receive priority treatment.”

Oware-Mensah’s comments come at a time when the Black Queens are threatening to boycott their upcoming Olympic qualifier against Zambia due to unpaid bonuses. Each player is owed $7,500, which has been reduced by 50% due to financial constraints.

The situation has sparked debate about gender equality in sports and the lack of support for women’s football in Ghana.

However, Oware-Mensah maintained that the Black Stars are the more marketable team and suggested that the Black Queens should prioritise patriotism over monetary gains.

“They say half a loaf is better than none, and the beauty of it is that the first reason anyone should have to wear the national jersey is because of patriotism,” she added.

Her statements have sparked outrage among fans and stakeholders, who argue that the Black Queens deserve equal treatment and support.

Critics say that the preferential treatment given to the Black Stars is unfair and undermines the progress made in promoting women’s football in Ghana.


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