Fear-stricken parents forcing students to flee over clashes – Chereponi SHS

Authorities of the Chereponi Senior High School have blamed the current uneasiness at the school on parents of students in the school.

The school authorities believe that the parents are forcing their wards to flee following renewed clashes in the town.

Some of the students have already fled the school for fear of their lives after renewed clashes in the town led to the death of three people.

The students on Wednesday morning, massed up at the Police station demanding clearance to go home, given the rising level of insecurity in the area.

But, Assistant Headmaster of the school Issac Nambia said “this is happening because of the anxiety of parents who are hearing what is happening in the Chereponi township. They fear for the safety of their children and are asking them to come home.”

“According to the students, it is their parents who are asking them to come home. Authorities are in close contact with the security agencies who have provided adequate security on campus,” he added.

“Students also feel once their colleagues say things which make them unsafe, they also have to go home but I have cautioned them that, they are here for their books not to discuss the conflict.  So they should stop discussing the conflict in the dormitories and classroom and allow the security so do their work”, he said on Eyewitness News.

The renewed clashes between the Annufuls and Konkombas started last Friday and throughout the weekend as well as on Monday.

Chereponi: We’re not evacuating SHS students – Police

The Police in Chereponi earlier denied reports that students of the School will be evacuated following renewed clashes in the area.

There were reports that the evacuation of Kokumba students has become necessary over the fear of reprisal attacks since the school is situated in an area mostly occupied by Anufuls.

The District Police Commander for Chereponi, Chief Superintendent, Henry Amankwatia who spoke on Eyewitness News said the police have no plans of moving students out of the town.

“The headmaster allowed me to talk to the students to assure them of safety. So we are providing them with security so it has not been thought anywhere that there is going to be an evacuation,” he said.

Safety of students assured

The District Chief Executive and school authorities assured the students of their safety but some of the students have left for home for fear of their lives.

“We still have a majority of them in school. Only a few of them have gone and some too are agitating to leave especially those who are not natives,” he said.

The teacher also said academic activities have been affected following the development.

“They were supposed to have a paper [exams] but they couldn’t write it because of the situation.”

For now, he said they are waiting to see if the school will eventually be closed down.

“We have reported the case to the District Chief Executive so we are seeing how it will be; whether there will be a temporary close down or what measures they are going to put in place so we are waiting,” the teacher added.



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