Event organisers must accord cultural performers respect, place value on their craft – Nana Asaase

Ghanaian renowned poet and spoken word artist, Nana Asaase says cultural performers will not tolerate any form of disrespect from event organisers.

According to him, cultural troupes, poets, and dancers have not been treated fairly or given the courtesy due them at events they have been invited to.

Nana Asaase said that some cultural performers are forced to change into their costumes in terrible washrooms, corridors, and dusty areas simply because event organisers fail to make arrangement for a changing room for them.

He made these comments in a one-on-one interview with Amelley Djosu on Joy Prime’s Celeb Biz on Saturday.

“Musicians are artists; these drummers are artists. Poets are artists. You want to bring a musician to an event, so you give him a VIP holding area. Fantastic! When you bring in these drummers—maybe I’m bringing you seven or eight matured people – and you want them to change in a washroom, a corridor, or a dusty office? Please, we’re sorry. We won’t do it.”

The poet said musicians are given amazing treatments when they are invited to events, so why should event organisers accord cultural performers such unfair treatments? He is of the view that neglecting the needs of these performers could adversely impact the overall quality of the show.

Nana Asaase also criticised the media’s tendency to focus on “the big man’s speech,” neglecting coverage of the art that adds vibrancy to the event. He urged event organisers to show respect to cultural performers, emphasising their vital role in preserving and showcasing Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.

Addressing the cultural importance of performers, Nana Asaase pointed out that they play a significant role in representing Ghana’s culture to visitors from around the world.

Despite their crucial role, he lamented the lack of respect accorded to them in various situations.

Nana Asaase indicated that he welcomes constructive criticism and honest feedback in his line of work.

He encouraged his colleagues in the creative space to accept advice and learn from experiences, citing the importance of having mentors and supporters in the industry.


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