Encroachers taking our lands – GHANATA

Authorities of GHANATA Senior High School in the Shai Osudoku District have called on the government to fence the school to prevent encroachment.

According to the headmaster of the school, Mr Benjamin Kwami Apperkon, the absence of a fence wall thwarts efforts to tighten security and also allows encroachers to annex school lands.

Speaking to Class News’ Jerry Akornor on the sidelines of a presentation of a citation to the School’s Literary Club by the Ghana Association of Writers’ Schools Outreach Programme at Dodowa, Mr Apperkon called on the government to intervene in the matter before the encroachers rob the school of all its property.

He also bemoaned the limited staff accommodation on campus.

“We have inadequate staff accommodation. On the campus, we have 46 members of staff who are to maintain discipline and we have a student population of 2,394, so, because of the inadequate staff, accommodation we are doing our best,” he stated.

“Another thing is the walls of the school. The school is sited on a 104-acre plot. It is not walled. There are lots of outlets and inlets and, so, we have the townsfolk coming in to take some of the lands. There is encroachment of the school land and, therefore, if the school is walled, all these things wouldn’t happen,” Mr Apperkon added.

The Headmaster also touched on the need to expand the school’s dining hall.

“Then again, there is the need to expand the dining hall. The dining hall is meant for a student population of about 500 but now the boarding facility is 1,840; the sitting capacity isn’t enough and, therefore, there is the need to expand the dining hall”, he added.



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