Elliot, The Man Who Was Magically Resurrected By Pastor Alph Lukau Has Reportedly Died For Real

Elliot Moyo, the man who was magically resurrected in South Africa by Pastor Alph Lukau a few weeks ago has reportedly died ─and this time for real, there was no Pastor Lukau to resurrect him.

According to H-Metro, a Zimbabwean Newspaper, Elliot Moyo died somewhere last week in a village called St Luke in South Africa.

The report by H-Metro reveals that Elliot who was married with no child was buried on Saturday in the village called, St Luke in South Africa.

“His stomach started swelling and didn’t stop for three days and on the third day, he died”, a family member disclosed to H-Metro.

Elliot Moyo and Pastor Alph Lukau made headlines in both the local and international media after a video of their fake resurrection miracle went viral on the internet.

Their fake resurrection miracle also brought about the #ResurrectionChallengeon social media where some celebrities and social media users participated.

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