Eight arrested for trying to declare Volta Region an independent state

An 80-year-old leader and seven other leading members of the Volta Separatist movement have been arrested and flown to Accra by the National Security.

The separatist movement in the Volta Region, the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), is a group calling for the secession of the Volta Region from Ghana.

The group claims that the Volta Region (Western Togoland) was an independent state before being made to join Ghana in a plebiscite.

The leader of the group, Mr. Charles Kormi Kudzodzi – popularly known as Papa Hogbedetor, was arrested with seven others on Sunday at one of the group’s regular study meetings.

A member of the homeland study group told Citi News that during the meeting, they discussed “the struggle towards independence.”

The suspects were flown by a helicopter from the 66 artillery regiment to an unknown destination. Attempts by journalists to understand the circumstances of the situation and the justification for the arrest proved futile as the joint police-military team declined to grant permission or audience to the media.

The leadership of the Homeland Study Group foundation was earlier in March 2017 arrested for attempting to declare the Volta Region an independent state.

They were charged with treason but were later discharged with a warning. A relative of Mr. Kudzodzi, Emmanuel Agbavor told Citi News that the group had learned that those arrested on Sunday are in the custody of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) in Accra.



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