E-levy will not be charged on registered mobile money merchant SIMs – GRA clarifies

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has written to clarify misleading reports on social media which claim that starting July 1, merchant SIMs will be charged the E-levy.

According to the GRA, per the legal framework governing the operation of the e-levy – Electronic Transfer Levy Act, 2022 (Act 1075) – merchant SIMs registered with the GRA for the purposes of Income Tax or Value Added Tax (VAT) will not be affected by e-levy charges.

“Customers making payments to such specified merchants will NOT be charged the E-Levy,” the GRA stated.

“The general public should note that E-Levy is NOT charged on merchant SIMs, as is being purported. The E-Levy is only charged on a transfer from a customer to a Specified Merchant if the merchant is NOT registered with GRA for Income Tax or VAT purposes,” it further explained.

The GRA further debunked claims that suggest cash-ins or deposits made through a merchant or vendor will attract e-levy.

“The E-Levy does not apply to Cash-Outs/cash withdrawals and Cash-Ins/cash deposits either at the bank or at a mobile money agent/vendor point. This means that Cash-Ins or deposits do not attract E-Levy and customers are NOT to pay any amount as E-Levy at a mobile money agent/vendor point.”

Meanwhile, the Authority is encouraging the general public to register for their Ghana Card and update their mobile money wallets and bank accounts with their Ghana Card Personal Identification Number (PIN).

It also called on mobile money merchants to register with GRA for Income Tax or VAT so their customers can enjoy E-Levy exemptions.



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