Dumsor is back, there’s no way else to explain it – ACEP

The dreaded return of a power crisis has been confirmed by policy think-tank African Center for Energy Policy (ACEP) which has said, government is facing financial challenges.

Executive Director Ben Boakye said government is struggling to find money to buy fuel to power the plants and generate electricity.

Ben Boakye ruled out installed capacity as the cause of the erratic power supply over the weekend, noting that this is how Mahama’s ‘dumsor’ started in 2011.

He therefore noted that it is not a technical challenge.

According to him, Ghana has close to 4,420MW installed capacity made up of plants and dams, nearly a 100% more than it needs.

He explained that Ghana’s Karpower, with capacity to generate 450MW, is now only producing 180MW because government has not held its side of the bargain by buying Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO).

The 350MW Sunon Asogli power plant in Tema which has a daily gas requirement of 120metres standard cubic feet of gas, is getting just about a half of their requirement and therefore is unable to operate at full capacity.

He added that the Western power enclave where TICO and TAPCO power plants can produce a combined 670MW is down due to technical challenges, while Ghana Gas company and Eni Ghana and West African Pipeline Company (WAPCo) are undergoing what is termed reverse flow project.


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