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Catholic Church to ban motorist without crush helmet into its premises

The Tamale Metropolitan Archdiocesan of the Catholic Church has directed all parishes of the church under the Archdiocese not to allow entry to any parishioner, worshiper or visitor into its premises or institution on a motorbike without crush helmet effective November 1, 2019.

The directive is among several other security measures to be instituted by the church in the wake of terrorist attacks in churches in neighbouring West African countries.

Metropolitan Archbishop of Tamale, Most Rev Philip Naameh in a letter to all parishes and catholic institutions in the Archdiocese observed with grave concern the poor culture of faithful’s of the congregation and institutional workers who ride motorbikes without crush helmets.

In his letter, the Archbishop said the church has lost valuables lives of its members especially the youth which he says is unacceptable.

This he said brings untold hardship not only to the victim’s immediate families but the entire Christian community and society. Most Rev Philip Naameh said the church cannot and should not allow such indiscipline to continue to rid their lives especially the youth who are the future leaders of the country.

He therefore directed parish priest, parish pastoral council, heads of catholic institutions and security committees within the Tamale archdiocese to clearly display on sign post with the inscription “no helmet, not entry” in all catholic churches and institutions.

Most Rev Philip Naameh also entreated all church leaders to strictly enforce the directive or policy without any compromise or exception.

He therefore advised parents that it’s never a show of love to allow their underage children to ride or drive without crush helmet or license.

He also admonished congregants to desist from carrying more than three persons on a motorbike.  He said the consequences are grave and often unbearable.


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