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Armed Konkombas attack special National Security team

A National Security Reconnaissance team on a special mission has been attacked by an armed group suspected to be Konkombas at a village in the Chereponi district of the North East region, where land violence between tribal Konkombas and Anufors(Chokosis) has raged for almost a week now.

The attack occurred at Garinkuka, a Konkomba dominated community and notable hot-spot in the ongoing clashes, where villagers three days ago attacked the district coordinating director and set his official vehicle ablaze.

According to a member of the team, the attackers had destroyed a major bridge and dug deep holes on the road and took concealment positions in nearby underbush to waylaid and trap their targets.

This was the same tactic they deployed when they attacked the district coordinating officer and left him with severe gunshot wounds, thinking he was an enemy combatant.

When the National Security Team got to the scene and attempted to dismantle the blockades, gunshots were heard from different directions.

The security forces had to return fire and eventually overpowered the mob and forced some of them to clear the roadblocks. They proceeded to the district capital to carry out the unspecified operation.

Meanwhile, the violence continue to rapidly escalate. Same on Wednesday, two persons were killed at a Chokosi village of Naweigu near Bunkprugu when attackers opened fire on residents preparing for a late afternoon Muslim prayers. Two houses were torched.

Fresh attack has been reported this morning, Thursday, May 23, at Nasoni, another Chokosi community.

A total of 16 people have been arrested and dozens of weapons seized, according to police, since the conflict renewed last Saturday.

More than seven communities affected so far and thousands of properties destroyed.

The fighting has compelled the interior ministry and the regional security councils to renewed the curfew and banned the use of motorbikes in the area.



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