Public institutions to submit annual report to RTI Commission by May 6

The Right to Information Commission has asked all Public Institutions to submit a written report on their activities as required under Section 77 of the Right to Information Act, Act 989 before May 6, 2021.

In a statement signed by the Executive Secretary of the Right to Information Commission, said any public institution that failed to comply with the directive will suffer penalty thereof.

According to Yaw Sarpong Boateng, the public institutions should include in their report the following:

(a) The number of applications for information during the reporting period, January 2020 to December 2020.

(b) The number of applications approved and the number rejected together with reasons for the rejection.

(c) The number of reviews requested, and the number granted and the number dismissed together with reasons.

(d) The number of applications to the court for judicial review and the results of the reviews, if any.

(e) Such other matters that are worth noting under the Act.

“Public institutions are to note that these reports are to be submitted to the Commission sixty (60) days after the 31st December each year.

“All public institutions are entreated to comply or suffer the penalties thereof,” it said.

He further added that reports can be sent by email: Rico mission or by postal address P.O.BOX YK 1179, Kanda-Accra.


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