‘The Chinese are the ones destroying water bodies and forest reserves’ – Concerned Small Scale Miners

The Concerned Small Scale Miners Association has accused the government of failing to deal decisively with the perceived Chinese role and influence in illegal small-scale mining in Ghana.

The group insists that Chinese nationals are mostly responsible for the challenges in the country’s small-scale mining sector.

The fight against illegal mining in Ghana has constantly witnessed the arrest of some Chinese nationals usually alongside their Ghanaian counterparts.

The group’s remarks come after the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Jinapor, called for a closer partnership between Ghana and China to curb illegal mining activities in Ghana.

The Minister said there was an urgent need for the two countries to work closely together to efficiently regulate Ghana’s small-scale mining sector.

But the President of the Concerned Small Scale Miners, Michael Kwadwo Peprah, claims the Chinese have largely contributed to the destruction and depletion of Ghana’s forest reserves with the backing of some Ghanaian politicians.

“We should understand that these Chinese are the cause of whatever is happening,” he insisted.

“The destruction of our forest reserves and our water bodies is basically being caused by these Chinese, and it is being supported by these politicians.”

Mr. Peprah stressed that “if we really want to fight illegal mining, all guns should be pointed at the politicians who have gone for the licenses and are using the Chinese to mine.”

The government’s anti-illegal mining campaign known as ‘Operation Halt’ has intensified the fight against the menace on water bodies and in forest reserves.

The operation is being undertaken by a little over 400 men of all ranks.


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