Special voting underway across the country

Individuals who were registered by the Electoral Commission for special voting have begun casting their ballots today since morning at selected polling stations.

These early voters consist of personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces, National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), National Security, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana National Fire Service, and Information Services Department. Others include members of the National Ambulance Service, Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Prisons Service, Ghana Journalists Association, Ghana Police Service and National Media Commission.

In total, 109,577 voters from 12 institutions are expected to participate in the process today nationawide.

In the Northern region alone, a total of 6,349 voter are expected to cast their ballot by close of polls at 5pm.

A visit by FiilaNews to three out of the four constituencies in Tamale, turn-out was said to be encouraging by polling station officials.

In an interview with Mr. Mohammed Issahaku the NDC regional director of elections, he indicated that so far the set-up and the process has been smooth and encouraging but was quick to add that the electoral commission was unable to distribute tags to the agents at the Jubilee park polling station.

Some journalist also expressed their displeasure for the EC’s inability to capture them on the special voter’s list, though they registered to participate.



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