The Department of Pharmacology of the University for Development Studies (UDS) launched a campaign to educate 5,000 students in second cycle and tertiary institution on Sickle Cell Disease (SCD).

The campaign is necessitated by a research conducted by members of the department of the university in 2012.

The research showed that the knowledge about sickle cell disease among Ghanaians, surprisingly the educated elite was below average.

It also revealed that only 12.2 percent of respondents had premarital counselling on Sickle Cell Disease before marriage whiles only 27.1 percent knew their sickling status.

The research further unraveled that only 24.4 percent of respondents knew their spouses sickling status before marriage.

However, 38.1 percent knew their children’s sickling status at the time of study whereas 78 percent of the respondents stated they would have abandoned marriage intentions if premarital screening had shown that they and their current spouses had sickle cell traits.

Coordinator of Sickle Cell Awareness Campaign, Pharmacist Evans Paul Kwame Ameade in a presentation during the launch of the campaign said the attitude towards the disease is not good and call for the need for the awareness especially for the unmarried once.

Listen to Pharm. Evans Paul Kwame Ameade

Sickle cell disease is a genetic disease, which claims the lives of mostly children before age five. Research shows that 30 percent of Ghanaians have sickle cell traits.

Mr. Ameade said it is expensive and risky to undergo Sickle Cell Disease treatment and advised Ghanaians especially unmarried one’s to get tested.

He also attributed the disease to the upsurge of suicide cases in the country. He therefore appealed benevolent organizations and individuals to join hands to create more awareness on the Sickle Cell Disease.

Listen to Pharm. Evans Paul Kwame Ameade 2      



By: Saaka Alhassan Algore/

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