Saturday’s tremor 40 times stronger than previous ones – Geological Authority

Ghana Geological Survey Authority is warning that earth tremors in the capital might worsen if stringent measures are not put in place to ensure proper planning of the city.

This comes after an earth tremor occurred on Saturday.

People living around Gbawe, Sowutuom, Old Kasoa Barrier, New Bortianor, Awoshie, Abelemkpe, Tabora, Achimota, Ablekuma, Kisseiman, Westland, Laterbiokorshie, Legon and McCarthy Hill among others confirmed experiencing the tremor.

The incident occurred barely a month after one was experienced in January 2019. There was another one too in December 2018.

A Senior Seismologist, Nicholas Opoku in a Citi News interview on the development said Saturday’s tremor was about 40 times more powerful than what was experienced last December and January.

He said the incident could be a warning for more tremors or an earthquake and there is the need for the city to be properly planned to avert any disaster should such an incident occur again.

“What happened in January, and what happened on Saturday, in terms of energy is about 40 times higher than what happened in January… This one was felt over a larger area, and we should take precaution,” he said.

“We should plan properly because we all do not know when a bigger one will occur. Normally, if you are getting these small ones, it should wake you up to plan. You need to plan the city properly so that if a bigger one comes, buildings will not collapse for people to die.”

Nicholas Opoku in an earlier interview after the December tremor said an earthquake in the country is imminent.

“It is a signal that we have to prepare for so that we are not taken by surprise,” he said.



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