PHOTOS Of 500 New Recruits Graduate From Western Togoland Military Academy Cause Uproar -SEE PHOTOS

Emerging photos cause stir as it is established the Western Togolanders Group has trained its soldiers to carry out their quest for what they called Independence.

From media reports BROADCASTGHNA has convened some of the as below:

It’s almost as if our authorities are sitting aloof whiles some uncouth individuals are taking the law into their own hands to undertake criminal activities.

This is the case of the so-called ’Western Togolanders’ — a secession group seeking for the independence of the Volta Region from Ghana.

There are photos roaming on the streets of social media indicating that 500 new recruits have passed out from their Military academy.

One “Akplaga Sogbolisa” who seems to be affiliated to them shared photos of their recruitment ceremony on Facebook.

He wrote:

“Another successful passing out ceremony here at Western Togoland for 500 junior and senior officers at the 3 camps”

western togoland soldiers pass outwestern togoland soldiers pass outwestern togoland soldiers pass outwestern togoland soldiers pass out

It’s easy to believe that it is these group of their so-called soldiers that they’re using to carry out their obnoxious activities.


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