NCCE boss laments ‘major sickness’ in Ghana’s democracy

The Chairperson of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Josephine Nkrumah has decried the “major sickness” in Ghana’s democracy brought on by the influence of money in politics.

Reiterating concerns that have been made about the role of money in Ghana’s politics, Miss Nkrumah questioned the integrity of politicians as Ghana begins its election season.

“The average politician coming into the sphere of politics in Ghana today is already tainted…Why would you borrow money to go into politics,” she said on Citi TV’s The Point of View.

Politicians are sometimes constrained by their financial backers, Ms. Nkrumah also noted.

“People who support political campaigns look at it as an investment so once you come into power, it is time for you to pay [back]. Sometimes the hands of people who were right thinking and principled are already tied [by the time they win power].”

The NCCE Boss also noted that delegates were also complicit in compromising politicians.

“Delegates accept money before they endorse a parliamentary candidate. So the Parliamentary candidate who you see most likely has already besmeared his hands or her hands because you had to pay money to a delegate to get to that position.”

Miss Nkrumah underscored the importance of a change in values as she stressed that delegates needed to think of the community first and not themselves.

“If I am really looking out for the interest of my constituents, I will not demand money. I will be looking out for the person who has something to offer,” she said.


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