Group warns gov’t over attempts to implement ‘Partnership Schools Project’

The Coalition of Teacher Unions and CSOs against the privatization of education in the public sector, has warned against any attempt to implement the Ghana Partnership Schools Project.

The group said the project is aimed at privatizing basic education in the country and will not auger well for education in the country.

The Ghana Partnership Schools Project was earlier this year rejected by teacher unions, who said it will lead to the privatisation and commercialization of public basic schools.

Government subsequently suspended the implementation.

But the Coalition, which suspects government still plans to go ahead with the implementation, says it will commit resources to stop that from happening.

A member of the coalition, Kofi Asare said apart from the existing PPP that exists in the country involving the faith-based organizations, any new arrangement will be kicked against.

“We are not interested in the introduction of any PPP beyond current ones that we have of the religious bodies which does not place any extra cost burden on the government, students or parents. We are going to make it clear to political parties in a dialogue that they will have to drop and idea to introduce any form of PPP apart from what we currently have,” he said.

The Ministry of Education earlier this year called the bluff of some teacher unions in were kicking against the project.

It argued that the project would improve the standard of education in the country.

Public Relations Officer of the Education Ministry, Vincent Ekow Assafuah said in an earlier interview that the partnership which will also benefit the teachers will take off to enhance teaching and learning.

“It is the Ghana Education Service that is the policy implementer. What we are doing is that, we are allowing the World Bank to fund about 7,000 of the schools and by so doing they are going to provide learning grants to them and train teachers. The GPS is just for 60 schools the country and they are going to help these schools to improve learning outcomes; and that is what we are doing.


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