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Ga Mantse condemns lynching incident; demands expedited justice for Akua Denteh

Ga Mantse, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II has condemned the lynching of 90-year-old Akua Denteh at Kafaba, a town in the Savannah Region.

King Teiko Tsuru II has also called for expedited justice for the nonagenarian, who was lynched following claims she was a witch.

“I join the many horrified Ghanaians to condemn this act of intolerance and call for justice and appropriate sanctions against all the perpetrators of this inhuman act. I do hope that this heart-breaking act will never be repeated in any part of this peace-loving country of ours,” he said in a statement.

The King of Accra also called on the government to “close down all witch camps” established in parts of the country.

“I further call on the Government, traditional and religious leaders, civil society organizations and everyone born of a woman, to use this unfortunate incident as an eye-opener and work jointly towards ending all forms of inhumane and obnoxious practices against girls and women, as well as all forms of Gender-based violence in this Country,” Ga Mantse added in his statement.

He also extended his condolences to the family of Akua Denteh.

The lynching incident has been condemned by many Ghanaians and civil society organisations who have called on the police to bring the perpetrators of the dastardly act to book.

Police have so far arrested five suspects believed to have taken part in the lynching of Akua Denteh.

The arrests were made by a special team of police personnel dispatched from Accra.

The five are expected to be arraigned within the week.

The Savannah Regional Police Command had earlier arrested the Chief of Kafaba, Zackaria Yahaya, over the incident.


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