Dubai cash: NAM 1 yet to formally seek AG’s support – Kwame Akuffo

Lawyers for Menzgold CEO say their client has not yet directed them to write to the Attorney General’s department to seek governmental support in retrieving his held up money in Dubai.

Lead lawyer, Kwame Akuffo, told Starr News once Nana Appiah Mensah directs them to begin the process of requesting support from the state, they will do so.

Starr News sources at the AG’s department also say the Menzgold CEO must use proper means to seek support from the state instead of appealing to them through news conferences.

NAM 1 in his maiden press conference since his arrest in Dubai asked the Attorney General’s Department to help him retrieve a $39million debt owed his firm by Horizon Royal Diamond in Dubai.

“We respectfully pray the Ghanaian authorities to cooperate with us to achieve the following; to assist us make full recovery of the amount owed Menzgold by Horizon Royal Diamond in Dubai. As an act of good faith, we are willing to engage the Attorney General’s office on the best possible way for the them to aid Menzgold by employing international law and diplomatic relations to ensure we achieve this objective”.

Meanwhile, Private legal practitioner Justice Srem Sai says it is possible for government to intervene and help.

He however noted the government will have to satisfy itself on the genuineness of the claim.

“I don’t think the AG of Ghana will have to move to Dubai with her entire team to help retrieve the money. There is a legal team in Dubai that can be engaged to help retrieve the cash. Let’s not forget that government has charged the CEO of Menzgold with money laundering and defrauding under false pretense. We live to see if govt will help him retrieve the cash from Dubai.

“Government has the power to solve the problem but they will do so when they believe the problem is a genuine one. NAM 1 asking the state to help him retrieve his cash is possible. Government can intervene in getting the money back,” he told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Tuesday.



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