Delay apologises to Obrafour following lawsuit filed against her, Aisha Modi

TV show host Delay has apologised to rapper Obrafour for any inconvenience caused him during her interview with Stonebwoy’s aid Aisha Modi.

According to Delay, she was only conducting an interview and has no hand in Aisha Modi claims that she supported the rapper early on in his career.

“I do not endorse what my guest said about Obrafour,” Delay said adding that she distances herself from any comment her guest made.

Her comments comes after Obrafour filed a lawsuit against her and Aisha Modi demanding a retraction and an apology.

Aisha Modi during the interview, held in August, claimed she invested in Obrafour at the beginning of his career.

According to her, she supported the rapper’s ‘Kasiebo’ hit with $45,000.

The celebrated musician challenged the claims with the lawsuit demanding to be paid ¢800,000 for compensation.

Delay said in her Instagram post she wants to clear the air adding that as a presenter she only asked questions.

The TV show host said she apologises to Obrafour if she offended him in any way.


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