Damongo’s only water source allegedly polluted

The only source of water that serves over 20,000 people in Damongo Township the regional capital of the newly carved out Savanna region has been allegedly polluted by fisher folks in the area.

As a result, the District Chief Executive (DCE) for West Gonja, Saeed Muhazu Jibril, has stopped water tankers from drawing water from the only dam in the area over the suspicions that it may have been poisoned following the change of colour of the water and the large-scale death of the dam’s fauna.

The DCE according to media reports, took the in order to prevent an outbreak of water-borne infections in Damongo.

This has a dire consequences on residents in the area since the town has been noted for its perennial water sortages especially during the dry season.

Some residents of Damongo believe the dam might have been contaminated, for the second time, by the fisherfolk.

Others are of the belief that pesticides used by farmers around the dam might have leached into the reservoir hence the change of the colour of the water.

As a result, there is an acute water shortage in the area for the past two days, a situation that compels the residents to travel to nearby communities in search of water for domestic use.

The contaminated dam, built-in 1963, has been the only source of water for farmers and residents in Damongo.


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